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Create Fun and Exciting Content Quickly for TikTok—THE EASY WAY!

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Create Fun and Exciting Content Quickly for TikTok—THE EASY WAY!

Where in the World is Nina

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"I’d LOVE to add another social media platform to my plate!" - Said absolutely nobody.

Listen, I know starting fresh is frustrating. I know beginning yet another social media to keep up with and decipher the algorithm is an actual nightmare.

I know most of us don’t want to be in front of a camera.

We’re busy, can’t keep up as it is, and really, how worth it can it be?

I’m right there with you! I had ALL of these exact same thoughts. I refused to download TikTok for months. It was supposed to be a quarantine joke.

Eventually, I had a realization — I’m not having much luck on Instagram, reach is SO hard and Facebook has been long forgotten… I guess it couldn’t hurt to start totally new on another platform and give it a shot.

My only rule: I didn’t want it to take DAYS to make content.

I don’t have time for that. 

I filmed as much as I could in a day and then proceeded to post every day in December.

By the time January 2021 came around, I entered the year with 60k new friends!


Views aren't anything to me unless they are bringing in traffic, and they are!

I've actively been on TikTok for only five months and since then...

  • I’ve sent thousands of people to my blog each month.

  • I’ve had a flow of followers to my Instagram

  • I’ve exploded my email list - 900 new subscribers!

  • I’ve received thank you messages weekly from viewers FROM TIKTOK.

  • I’ve actually been more consistent on Instagram because I’m smartly reusing all of my *easier-to-make* TikTok content.

  • I’ve increased affiliate earnings. I’ve had numerous messages, specifically from people from TikTok, telling me they ordered products off my site and thanking me for my recommendation.

  • I’m noticing an information gap, and I’m creating another product for it because TikTok inspired me to. It’s something I’ve wanted to make, and the people on this app seem to be the perfect people for it, so I’m doing it!

Trust me when I say I’m not a fan of being on video! I’m awkward and honestly often too lazy to put a face on. But… 

I’ve never had such quick growth on an app before AND got “rewarded” so well (traffic, subscribers, sales) ALL WITHOUT having to sell my time (and soul) to the social media gods.

I'm a psycho-efficient person and when I don't have a flow to something and it takes forever, I can't deal! 

But with the workflow I'm sharing with you, you can actually create fun content, that's informative for your audience without spending so much time on it. 

Oh, and reuse it for your other social too!

The Best Thing About TikTok is...

  • You don't already need to be popular to gain traction. New accounts get seen!

  • You don't need to put tons of hours into creating content. 

  • People on TikTok engage!

  • It's relatively easy to grow quickly, get on the main feed (For You Page/FYP), and even rank under popular hashtags!

Not bad for only being active on the app for a few months!

The risk is only a bit of your time, and with this guide, you’ll be making a months’ worth of content in just a day!

PS - I’m here in Mexico with my friend Alyssa from MyLifesaTravelMovie, and she didn’t want to do TikTok. I told her to do everything I’ve listed here, and in less than 30 days, she went from 100 to 50k followers and even made $300 in a day just from TikTok people buying her products!

What You'll Learn in This Guide

  • What to talk about

  • How to TikTok

  • Most important factors

  • Finding your TikTok workflow

  • Filming Tips

  • Most useful app features

  • Going viral and what to do

  • The best TikTok tips

  • Leveraging user-generated content ideas

  • How to reuse on Instagram

  • Creating a bio link that converts

  • TONS more hacks, efficiency tips, how to get verified, and more including a video explanation as well!

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